Father, son share story of frightening water rescue

NANTUCKET, Mass. (WPRI) — A father and son were rescued by the Coast Guard when their boat ran into problems off the coast of Nantucket on Sunday — and on Wednesday they broke their silence about the frightening experience.

Like a toy, the Sedona bounced in the waves churned up by the weekend blizzard.

After the sail on the boat tore, the Coast Guard scrambled to save the two Australians on board. Jason and Reg McGlashan were rescued from their boat about 150 miles off the coast.

Jason bought the 43-foot sailboat for $10,000 on eBay and came to Rhode Island two months ago, making the boat ready for the trip to Australia.

“About 24 hours things started to slowly go wrong and at the end everything skyrockets,” Jason said.

When they lost power to the autopilot, the winter storm took over.

“The boat almost got put on side by two big waves and that’s the main reason we left the boat,” he said.

Once the rescuers arrived, they had to brave the elements themselves. Rescue swimmers put the men into baskets and lifted them safely into a helicopter.

“It was a relief to get up in the chopper.”

Jason says he hopes to salvage the Sedona and ship her to Australia via cargo for repairs. He says he still plans to pursue his dream of sailing the oceans, but his father said that he will stay on land.


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