Snow shoveling poses health risks for some

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With all of this snow, it’s inevitable, you’ve got to shovel. But, Neighborhood Health Plan of Rhode Island says this activity can cause serious concerns.

“There are cardiologists that say anyone over the age of 50 should never shovel snow and people may not realize it, but 100 people a year, actually a little more, die in the United States shoveling snow from heart attacks,” said Yvonne Heredia, manager of Care Management at NHPRI.

snow shoveling
More info on safe shoveling »

Those with high blood pressure, cholesterol or heart disease may struggle.

Keep these tips in mind while shoveling:

  • Nourish your body appropriately
  • Attack the snow frequently
  • Always layer up

Remember, shoveling in the cold is like exercising in the cold.

“Your blood pressure goes up, your heart rate goes up.”

And be sure to never ignore the signs of a heart attack.

“Shortness of breath, chest pain. If you have any of those symptoms you want to stop the activity immediately and call for emergency care by calling 911.”

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