This month could be coldest, snowiest in a while

WPRI/Ted Nesi

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — New Englanders are used to the snow and cold, but this particular winter seems to be one of the worst we’ve seen so far — so Eyewitness News Meteorologist TJ Del Santo decided to compare this February to previous ones.

We’ve had extremely cold months and extremely snowy months, but we’ve never really had both at the same time.

Since the beginning of February, we’ve had an average of 26.7 inches of snow, making this February the third snowiest on record.

First on the list is 1962 with 30.1 inches; second is 1978 with 28.6 inches — and all of the snow from that month was during the Blizzard of ’78.

And the snow is not the only extreme factor this month. This February is currently the second coldest on record for Providence and our records go back to 1904.

This month could be the harshest February in more than 100 years.

As a whole, this winter season is currently ranked as the 14th snowiest on record for Providence.

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