TMZ: Terrence Howard’s ex-wife sends death threats

Casey Carver from TMZ joined us Wednesday to talk about entertainment news.

Terrence Howard
My Ex Is Hurling Death Threats
LAPD Investigates

“Empire” star Terrence Howard doesn’t just have a fake ex-wife threatening him, he has a real one he says is targeting him for death … and the LAPD is on the case.
TMZ has obtained a search warrant to determine if Michelle Ghent is behind a barrage of Instagram threats, including, “I’m watching you! I’m coming for … LOL. You two won’t live to see your children.” The “you two” appears to refer to Terrence and his new wife.
UNLOADS Devastating Punch on Female Fan
Arrested on Scene

7:55 PM PT — Afroman was booked for assault, and released after paying a $330 bond. Cops hauled Afroman off stage, and he knows why — because he punched a female fan in the face … instead of getting high. Well, he might have been high too.
The rapper was performing in Biloxi, Mississippi Tuesday night when witnesses say the woman got on stage and approached Afroman — and then suddenly, without warning … he turned and landed a right-handed haymaker to her face.
The woman went down hard — and even though she was bleeding and crying … we’re told Afroman kept on performing until the house lights came on and the music stopped.

Bruce Jenner
Video Captures Entire Crash
Bruce Plowed into Both Cars

A MTA bus caught the entire Bruce Jenner car crash on video and sources tell TMZ it squarely shows Bruce struck both cars, and the Lexus driver NEVER made contact with the Prius.
Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … they are in possession of the video. Sources familiar with the bus in question — which was directly behind the Hummer — tell TMZ there are cameras mounted on the front, back and sides, and the videos show the entire accident.
Law enforcement will not tell us what’s on the video, but sources familiar with the video in question tell us it’s clear the Lexus never made contact with the Prius. Bruce hit the Lexus, which propelled it into oncoming traffic and then struck the Hummer. Bruce then continued on and hit the Prius.

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