Gas leaks crop up at Warwick office, Federal Hill

(Andy Paskowski, WPRI-TV)

(WPRI) — Gas crews rushed to two different reports of gas leaks Friday morning; in one, office workers arriving for the day were first to smell the danger.

Workers discover gas leak at Warwick office

National Grid crews rushed to a commercial plaza on Buttonwoods Avenue in Warwick Friday morning after office workers smelled gas when they opened up for the day.

Staffers at Comprehensive Community Action Program (CCAP) first smelled gas in their office, and swiftly discovered it was permeating other offices. They called the fire department and the gas company.

Crews arrived shortly before 9 a.m. and shut off the gas connection to the building.

There was no word Friday morning on where the gas leak was centered, or what could have caused the leak.

William Hochstrasser-Walsh, Associate Director for Comprehensive Community Action, said his office was supposed to see dozens of clients today, but was forced to send them to other branches.

(Andy Paskowski, WPRI-TV)
(Andy Paskowski, WPRI-TV)

Federal Hill street closed after reported gas leak

Eyewitness News first got a tip shortly before 8 a.m. that Dean Street was closed at Carpenter Street on Federal Hill because of a gas leak in the area. The intersection is about a block from the Providence Public Safety Complex.

By 10:30 a.m., the street was still closed at that area, and National Grid workers were on site.

There was no information from officials on what happened, or reports of any danger to neighbors.

Warning about icicles and gas meters

Columbia Gas, which administrates natural gas in three regions of Massachusetts, including several South Coast towns, recently sent out a warning about large icicles and snow accumulation falling from rooftops onto natural gas meters. Such an impact can cause a rupture in the gas line and result in a serious gas leak, the utility said.

Natural gas meters covered in snow and ice, as well as snow-removal equipment hitting gas meters, has caused the release of natural gas as well.

Gas equipment requires adequate airflow for safe combustion and proper venting of appliances.

The utility advises you to use a broom, not a shovel, to clear ice and snow from gas meters — and to not kick or hit it.

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