Art night at Cardi’s

NiRoPe is here along with Stephan Brigidi representing the Bristol Warren Art night event happening at Cardi’s Furniture on Thursday evening. The other new attraction at Cardi’s is Cribs & Crib mattresses. What can we expect with these bundles of joy?

“Both topics are very exciting. We have a great selection of cribs, starting at just $349.99. They come in a variety of colors and finishes. These cribs meet are beautiful and are in stock available for delivery and in-home assembly! Our cribs coordinate with furniture that we have available in our children and youth furniture collections. We also have gliders with matching ottomans to help sooth and relax your child, so they can get a good nights rest on, you guessed it- a Cardi’s Furniture Crib mattress. Of course mattresses can be purchased separately, so if you are in need of a new mattress, we have a full selection of crib mattresses as well,” said Nick Cardi.

Are some of the cribs are transitional?

“That’s right – they start out as a crib and as your child grows – transitions into a toddler bed, to a day bed, and then to a full size bed. This is a great way to maximize your purchase – by getting all the options to grow with them, and it’s important to get all those items at the time you purchase the crib to ensure proper fit & match as you transition the bed. If you know someone who is expecting, perhaps you and your family or friends want to go in together to purchase the crib, mattress, and transition pieces as a gift. The best thing to do is come in and purchase gift cards so the expectant parents can pick out what’s right for them, as well as coordinating furniture for the room,” said Ron Cardi.

Well you have certainly delivered a wealth of information there, lets switch it up and talk about the first ever art night at Cardi’s Furniture in Swansea, happening this Thursday from 6-9pm. Cardi’s Furniture has been a long time supporter of the arts in so many forms!

“We have and we’re very lucky to have such a thriving arts community in Rhode Island. The Bristol Warren group have wonderful programs happening during the summer, of course we have the South Coast Artists Tour, Wickford art festival, and wonderful galleries open year round throughout the state featuring various forms of art. for Thursday night. Donna and her team have a wonderful line up ready, they’ll be set up throughout our entire Swansea showroom, even some moving displays throughout our store. We hope you can come out and enjoy this one-stop-shop art experience featured among our own interior design art that we work with everyday in the form of furniture,” said Pete Cardi.

More Information about Bristol Warren Art Night:

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