Bank executive and mother held hostage in plot to rob credit union

NEW BRITAIN, Conn. (WTNH) – Police say they are still looking for whoever held a bank executive and his mother hostage.

This all started with a home invasion in Bristol and ended with police swarming a car in New Britain Monday morning.

There are still a lot of unanswered questions this morning, and possibly two suspects still on the loose, suspects in an plot to rob this New Britain credit union by forcing the Chief Financial Officer to take the money for them.

It all started with a home invasion early Monday morning. It was the home of the Chief Financial Officer of the credit union. The credit union in on Main Street in New Britain. The CFO lives on Lufkin Lane in Bristol.

He told police two men came into his house early Monday morning, tied his elderly mother to a bed, and put what they said was a bomb under that bed. Then they tied another device to him and said they would detonate both unless the CFO stole money from the credit union vault and gave it to them.

Somehow, police got wind of the crime. SWAT teams and bomb squads converged on the Bristol house and the New Britain credit union. The mother was okay.

When police stormed the CFO’s car in the credit union parking lot, the executive was inside, but police say the suspects were long gone. The executive was taken to the hospital.

“Precautionary. This is a person who had device strapped to him,” said Chief James Wardwell, New Britain police.

And now for all those questions. The police chief says the CFO was released, but he would not rule out whether he was involved in the plot. He also wouldn’t say whether those devices were actual bombs or not.

Fortunately no one was hurt. A lot of people had their day disrupted with evacuations just north of downtown New Britain, and if there were two bomb-making bank robbers, they are still on the loose.

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