Fall River shops: Bad parking is hurting sales

FALL RIVER, Mass. (WPRI) — Businesses in Fall River say they are suffering due to the lack of parking spaces for their customers.

Snow is filling parking spaces in Fall River — and some shops say they are struggling more than ever.

One tailor told Eyewitness News that business has gone down at least 50 percent since the first snow storm this winter.

Tony Saraiva of Tony’s Tailoring said that his finances are tighter lately than they’ve ever been. He also said this month has been the worst one he has had since opening his business 13 years ago.

“People are afraid to walk, even myself. I’ve missed 7 days of work,” he said about the horrible parking situation outside his store.

The snow is creeping into the streets and many spaces are now unavailable for parking.

Sergio Miranda of Terminal Bakery said that too much snow and no parking makes for bad business.

“No parking space. Not even for deliveries, for pickups, orders. But my customers complain all day long,” he said.

The situation is the same for Nick’s Coney Island Hot Dogs.

“We’ve been here for about 100 years and we’ve never had anything as bad as it is because you can’t park on the other side of the street,” Brittanee Albin of Nick’s said.

Workers describe the parking as “awful” and say they are having trouble getting to work to open the shops for the public.

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