Peanut Patch may help allergy sufferers

New research was released over the weekend suggesting testing done with the peanut patch shows it is a safe way to help people with allergies.

HOUSTON, Texas (MEDIA GENERAL) – New information suggests a peanut patch may be a safe way to help many people suffering from peanut allergies.

A team of researchers released the results of their study over the weekend at the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (AAAAI) yearly meeting.

Allergy patches would be a new way to create tolerance for people allergic to peanuts. The patches would introduce small doses of peanut proteins through the skin.

This study was a double-blind study over one year. That means the 221 people in the study did not know if they were getting the patch or the placebo. The people in the study “underwent an oral peanut challenge” at the start of the study and at the end, according to an article published by the AAAAI.

According to the study’s results, one of the patches showed the most promise. After one year, the people on the 250 micrograms patch were able to tolerate four peanuts, ten times what they could before using the patch.

One percent of the people in the study dropped out because of adverse symptoms. According to the article in the AAAAI, there were no serious adverse reactions to the patch.

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