Tutors blame narrow roads for inability to reach students

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — For weeks, Providence residents have been struggling to park their cars due to all of the snow and ice.

On Tuesday, Eyewitness News learned of a local volunteer tutoring group that is struggling to get to their students because of the lack of parking in Providence.

The Homework Club is a group of about 60 volunteers from Christ Church in East Greenwich.

The group frequently comes to Reservoir Ave Elementary School in Providence to tutor kids — but recently the whole endeavor has been a challenge.

“There is nowhere to park. The road is so narrow that only one car could get down anyway. There’s no room to park,” Meg Ford of Christ Church said.

There has been so much snow this winter, that officials in Providence are struggling to clear roads adequately.

William Bombard of the Providence Department of Public Works said that the process of clearing snow has been tough.

“We’ve had so much snow this winter [that] it’s a challenge to make the streets as wide as we like,” he said. “We’re doing the best we can to haul snow.”

The Homework Club will meet again next week due to the snow days and school vacation.

Ford is hopeful that the roads will be easier to navigate then, too.

“God moves mountains and we know he can move snow. If he uses Mayor Elorza to do that — even better,” she said.

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