AG urges Rhode Islanders to use RadioShack gift cards

AP Photo/John Raoux

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — Attorney General Peter Kilmartin is urging Rhode Islanders to make use of their RadioShack gift cards.

The retailer recently filed for bankruptcy, and AG Kilmartin says that consumers should use their gift cards, gift certificates or store credits as soon as possible.

“News reports have indicated that ten RadioShack stores in Rhode Island will close, and the remaining stores will most likely be sold off,” said Attorney General Peter F. Kilmartin. “When a store goes bankrupt or closes, unfortunately there is little recourse for consumers left holding unused store credit or gift cards. I am advising any consumers with RadioShack store credit to use their unspent gift cards immediately – and, since RadioShack has stated that stores will only accept gift cards for the first 30 days after its bankruptcy filing, the clock is ticking for customers to use or lose the balance contained on RadioShack gift cards.”

Customers should also return any merchandise purchased before the bankruptcy filing as soon as possible, because the company will only be accepting returns or gift card purchases through March 6.

According to a statement from the AG’s office, all merchandise sold during the store’s closing sale is being sold as-is, but customers have seven days to return goods with latent defects.

RadioShack operates approximately 19 stores in Rhode Island and the company filed chapter 11 bankruptcy petitions in February.

More information is available at, including frequently asked questions for customers.


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