Video shows Hernandez dancing hour before Lloyd’s death

PHOTO: a couple minutes later, Hernandez does a little dance in the parking lot. Arms up, smoking (Susan Campbell/WPRI)

FALL RIVER, Mass. (AP/WPRI) — Surveillance video shows former New England Patriots player Aaron Hernandez putting gas in his rental car and dancing near a pump about an hour before prosecutors say he killed a man.

The video played Thursday in Hernandez’s murder trial shows a co-defendant wearing a white towel around his shoulders.

A white towel was found near the body of Odin Lloyd later that day in an industrial park not far from Hernandez’s home. Lloyd was shot to death.

Prosecutors haven’t said who shot Lloyd but said Hernandez orchestrated the killing.

The manager of the South Street Cafe in Providence testified Thursday that Hernandez spent the earlier part of the night drinking with a group at the bar and smoking marijuana outside with one of his friends.

Kelly Belanger said Hernandez paid the bill at 12:18 a.m., mere hours before Lloyd’s death.

The prosecution also showed some surveillance video from the Blue Hill Express, where Hernandez and his friends stopped to get gas, and went inside to buy gum and a cigar.

Surveillance video also showed co-defendant Ernest Wallace wearing a towel around his neck, similar to one that was found at the murder scene.

Troopers Paul Bartlett and Lance Mello also took the stand Thursday. They were assigned to the Massachusetts State Police Crime Scene Unit. Both troopers took fingerprints of Ernest Wallace.

A Massachusetts State Police sergeant testified Wednesday that the shell casings found in Aaron Hernandez’s rental car and at the murder scene were fired from the same weapon.

Five shell casings were found at the scene where Odin Lloyd was killed in June of 2013. An employee of a rental car business has testified she found one shell casing in the Nissan Altima that Hernandez rented and returned the day of the killing.

Police later found that shell casing in a trash bin at the business.

Sgt. Stephen Walsh testified Wednesday that his examination determined all six casings were fired by the same gun. He says they’re consistent with having been fired from a Glock.

The defense went after Walsh for not looking more thoroughly for ways to match the bullets.

The murder weapon hasn’t been found.

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