Shoppers can now haggle over prices online

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — The internet is full of discounts and deals — and now online shoppers can haggle too.

A lot of people admit that they don’t like to haggle in person, but Call 12 For Action found that some websites are now allowing consumers to negotiate a price online anonymously.

A handful of new websites have popped up and are allowing customers to name their own prices on everything from gadgets to furniture.

These are not auction sites either; one called Greentoe takes an offer on a product and then tries to find someone willing to sell it at that price.

The founder of the company, Joe Marrapodi, said that customers can save around 20 percent on Greentoe.

“There really is a secret out there and the secret is to ask for a lower price than you can probably get,” he said.

Scott Scher said that he found the guitar he wanted on the website.

“It was close to a $300 dollar guitar,” he said. “I went in at 150.”

Scher says that he eventually settled at $200, after using Greentoe’s “Make an Offer” guide which calculated your chances of getting an offer accepted. The fashion website Garmentory has a similar scale.

But as always, it is up to the seller to decide how low they’ll go.

“Of course you’re going to get some requests you can’t fulfill, maybe it’s just too low,” Courtney Bonnell of Favors Agency said.

Online shopping expert Catey Hill says that some people are really attracted to this new form of digital haggling.

“I’m not going to pay what you asked, I’m going to pay less and some people really love that,” shes said.

The success of these online sites depends on how many retailers have signed on — so you might have to do a little research to see which sites have multiple retailers to haggle with.

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