Water main leak erodes road, collapses building wall in Florida

Photo Credit: WFLA

ST PETERSBURG, FL (WFLA) – Crews are working to control a water main leak that caused a road in downtown St. Petersburg to erode, creating a large hole, which also led to the partial collapse of a nearby building’s wall.

The large hole formed on Central Avenue at 7th Street South in St. Petersburg. St. Petersburg Police have closed Central Avenue between 6th and 8th Streets due to the hole.

According to the fire officials, a large forklift will place two large beams across the damaged portion of the building to make it stable. Once the building is braced, the workers will start to repair the leak.

florida collapse
Photo Credit: Twitter/St Pete PD

While the crews are working on the building, the water flow is being diverted so that it can bypass the leak, according to the city officials.

Police say they were alerted to the collapse around 8 a.m. The building was unoccupied at the time of the collapse and there are no injuries.

“The situation is stabilized,” said Lt. Steve Lawrence with St. Petersburg Fire Rescue.

Engineers are evaluating the building. Lawrence said that some nearby businesses will be closed Thursday because of the leak.

Original story found on: WFLA »

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