Horses rescued after barn collapse in Rehoboth

The Maglynn Acres riding arena roof collapsed under the weight of the snow. (Photo: Jared Pliner)

REHOBOTH, Mass. (WPRI) – Emergency crews rescued several horses from a barn that collapsed in Rehoboth Monday morning.

Police and fire were called to Martin Street around 8:30 a.m. and found the roof on an indoor riding arena had fully collapsed.

Three horses were inside at the time and were pulled to safety. Fortunately, none of the animals were injured. But the arena’s owner feared the worst.

“When I came out here and saw this, it scared me,” said Ron Magliocco. “I saw this front part was perfect and then as I got closer to the building, I saw the back was gone. Luckily the stalls were still intact. Nothing touched them and the horses were fine.”

(AP Photo/Mike Groll)
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Magliocco says the arena is about 15 years old and has a pitched roof. After weeks of several snowstorms, the roof couldn’t take the weight.

“I tried clearing as much as I could off, but there was just way too much up top,” he said.

The Rehoboth collapse wasn’t the only horse barn to give way Monday. In Norwell, Mass. 15 horses were rescued after a barn collapsed there.

It’s something that has Rehoboth’s animal control officer nervous.

“I’m a horse lover and we have 800 horses in this town,” said Animal Control Officer Jane Foster, who added the town also has several other riding arenas. “Maybe eight or nine of them in town, so I’m going to go to each one of them and tell them to get the snow off.”

Magliocco said he now has to find a place to put the three horses he was boarding at his facility. He hopes a neighbor will be able to take one of them.

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