Odin Lloyd’s sister takes stand in Hernandez trial

Shaquilla Thibou, the sister of Odin Lloyd, testifies during the murder trial of Aaron Hernandez.

FALL RIVER, Mass. (WPRI) — At times holding back tears, the sister of Odin Lloyd testified in court Monday afternoon about the hours leading up to her brother’s murder.

Shaquilla Thibou was called to the stand late in the afternoon.

During testimony, she said she saw her brother get into a silver car about an hour before he was shot to death in 2013. However, she said she could not tell who was driving the car.

Prosecutors maintain Hernandez was in a silver rental car leading up to Lloyd’s shooting.

Thibou also testified that she received several text messages from her brother at 3:19 a.m., 3:22 a.m. and 3:23 a.m.

However, while the prosecution was permitted to ask basic questions about the text messages, the judge previously ruled the content of those text messages inadmissible and can’t be presented to the jury. According to court documents, Lloyd sent several texts to his sister before he was shot to death, saying “U saw who I’m with,” another stating “Nfl,” and another “Just so you know.”

Phone Records

Before Thibou’s testimony, a records custodian for Sprint Telecommunications was back on the stand going over phone records. Sprint doesn’t keep the contents of text messages, but prosecutors were able to use the company’s records that keep track of phone numbers and times to authenticate text messages in phones that were seized during the investigation.

Monday, much of the testimony centered on the location of a cell phone belonging to co-defendant Ernest Wallace.

Records showed Wallace’s phone moving from Connecticut to Massachusetts, then calling Lloyd five times as it neared Lloyd’s home in Boston. The final call between them pinged at a cell tower a few blocks from Lloyd’s home June 17.

The jury saw several text messages Friday, between Hernandez and Wallace, who was listed as “Fish 2″ in Hernandez’s phone. The messages were sent by Hernandez on June 16, 2013, just hours before Lloyd was shot to death in a North Attleboro industrial park.

Motions Filed

The prosecution in the case is hoping the judge will now allow evidence she’s already ruled inadmissible regarding the shooting of Hernandez’s friend, Alexander Bradley.

Four months before Lloyd’s murder, prosecutors say Hernandez shot Bradley between the eyes during an argument over a bar tab and dumped him in an industrial park. Hernandez was never charged with the shooting, but Bradley sued him.

The judge previously ruled the shooting can’t be mentioned in the ongoing trial. However, the Commonwealth has filed a motion, asking her to reconsider – claiming the defense has over and over again called Aaron Hernandez and Odin Lloyd friends and implying Hernandez wouldn’t shoot a friend.

Prosecutors said the Florida shooting will help them refute that argument.

“The defendant has now sought to unfairly capitalize on the Court’s ruling,” the motion said. “The defendant himself has opened the door to this topic”

The motion continued, “The defendant is by no means someone who would necessarily refrain from resorting to extreme violence – including homicidal violence – merely because the victim was a friend.”

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