Forecast shows snow-free weekend ahead

Photos: Valentine's Day Weekend Storm >>

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — Another round of winter weather is set to hit southern New England Wednesday night, and it is safe to say that folks around the area are patiently waiting for Spring.

There is good news though — this weekend could be the first storm-free weekend in the last month-and-a-half.

Snowy scenes are never great for the restaurant business, but this winter has been particularly harsh.

Hillary Reavis, Owner of Tito’s Cantina in Seekonk, said that a majority of the snow this year happened during the weekend and it had negative impacts on her business. She had to close four times in February, and she also had to close down early on Valentine’s Day.

The last snow-less weekend the area has seen was January 17 and 18 — meaning it has snowed on a Saturday or Sunday for the past six weekends.

According to Reavis, storms that hit late in the weekend can also be bad for business.

“People will go out shopping at the grocery store getting bread and milk when they don’t come out to eat, because they are preparing for a Sunday or Monday storm,” she said.

Reavis’ business was only down about 10 percent in February, but snow removal costs were up close to 300 percent.

“Every time they hit the lot, it’s at least $200. If there is more than 4 or 6 inches, they have to come 2 or 3 times,” she said.

Employees of Tito’s were excited to hear that currently, there are not any major snowstorms in the works for this weekend.

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