More snow leads to more roof damage in RI, Mass.

NORTH ATTLEBORO, Mass. (WPRI) — Southern New England was hit with more snow Tuesday night, and with it came several more roof collapses around the region.

The drive-thru portion of the Santander Bank at the Triboro Plaza in North Attleboro came down just after noon Wednesday.

According to the city’s fire department, the roof developed a leak, which dripped on to the drywall, eventually causing it to fall through.  There were no injuries, but an employee’s vehicle was damaged.

The abandoned Hope Mill on Route 116 in Scituate also experienced a collapse, which the fire department believes occurred sometime on Tuesday night.

The Scituate Police Department said the one-story building has been vacant for more than a decade. No one was inside when a 30- to 40-foot section of glass roof caved in.

Roof collapse at Hope Mill (WPRI/T.J. Del Santo)
Roof collapse at Hope Mill (WPRI/T.J. Del Santo)

Investigators could not access the building Wednesday because of the snow buildup around it, but police said they’ll return to check it out when they can.

Eyewitness News also received a report of a garage collapse on Congress Street in Woonsocket. Police confirmed there were no injuries in that incident.

The canopy of the Shell Station on South Main Street in Fall River also came down on Wednesday, but there’s no official word on that incident so far.

With the expectation of more snow Thursday morning, officials continue to urge residents and businesses to clear off their roofs to avoid any damage.

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