The Rhode Show Big Break 2015: All The Way Through – Warriors

All The Way Through is an original rock group that got together in about June of 2014. Since then the band has gone through some changes and has extended our repertoire. The video submitted is of our song” Warriors” a song written on veterans day. The video has the original group of Jalen Perry, Jake Elmslie, and Justin Janke but now the band consists of four members rather than three. Jalen Perry (vocals &guitar) Justin Janke (drums) Tyler Brock (guitar) and Amanda Flanagan (bass). All The Way Through is getting ready to go to the studio to record new material but thought it would be an excellent idea to try to broadcast it first on the Rhode Show, assuming we make the cut. All The Way Through plays punk rock/rock that anyone can appreciate and that we feel people will love to hear. All The Way Through is ready to show their new stuff to the world, stuff that has not been recorded or heard yet.

Home base: Providence, RI

Round one voting is now closed. Stay tuned for the announcement of the Top 5!

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