The Rhode Show Big Break 2015: Ran – Sail away to Salvador

Everyone knows me as Ran.
I was brought up on Southern rock, classic rock, jazz/ blues. I played in many bands as a blues harp player too.
I took up guitar as a second instrument and have been playing for some 25 years or so.
I like to incorperate the full body sound of the 12 string with the music and the songs I write.

Sail away to Salvador was written after a friend and I, who is also a guitarist, were looking to buy some new equipment. It was like the old days when we would just jump in the truck and head to places unknown. Always a new adventure to sail off to.
Salvador was a place I choose when writing this song but perhaps you have one of your favorite places to sail off to as well …

Home base: Portsmouth, RI

Round one voting is now closed. Stay tuned for the announcement of the Top 5!

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