Warwick roads riddled with potholes

WARWICK, R.I. (WPRI) — The harsh winter conditions have left the streets of Rhode Island riddled with potholes — and Eyewitness News got a first hand look at the road damage on Friday.

Airport Road in Warwick and Route 1 near T.F. Green Airport were home to some small bumps — but the worst craters in Warwick were on Centerville Road.

Cars were swerving across the double yellow line just to avoid huge holes in the road.

One man’s car succumbed to a pothole in Appanaug and AAA came to the rescue. Joe Stamp told Eyewitness News that the potholes are terrible.

Pothole Guide for Southern New England »
Pothole Guide for Southern New England »

“It’s people literally dodging potholes. Like an animal running in front of a car. Swerve to the left; swerve to the right not thinking there’s another vehicle,” he said.

Last week crews in Providence began applying cold patches to potholes in the road because the weather is not warm enough yet for a permanent solution.

“It’s tough to keep up. One day you’re plowing and one day you’re patching. I have empathy for the state,” Stamp said.

Warwick has a special pothole hotline in place so residents can report problem potholes.

State Representative Gregory Constantino is reportedly proposing a bill to set up a statewide pothole tipline.

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