Court orders review in pension case for ex-Cianci official

In this June 18, 2002, file photo co-defendants Frank E. Corrente, left, and Richard Autiello, right, walk to federal court in Providence, R.I. A proposal before the Providence city council would automatically reduce pensions for felons like Corrente, who was convicted of corruption in 2002 but given a partial pension allowance for his first 20 years in city government. (AP Photo/ Joe Giblin)

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) — The state Supreme Court has ordered a lower court to reconsider whether the pension of a top aide to ex-Mayor Buddy Cianci should’ve been reduced.

Former city employee Frank Corrente was convicted as part of a federal investigation into corruption in City Hall, called Operation Plunder Dome. Cianci was also convicted.

The city’s retirement board reduced Corrente’s pension for dishonorable service.

A Superior Court justice, at the board’s request, confirmed that decision.

The Supreme Court vacated that decision Monday and remanded the matter back to Superior Court. It says the court didn’t have jurisdiction when adjudicating the matter in 2011.

The legislature later gave the court jurisdiction for municipal employee pension revocation and reduction cases.

The Supreme Court didn’t say whether Corrente’s pension should’ve been reduced.

A message for Corrente’s lawyer wasn’t immediately returned.

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