RI Made: Local business turns skateboards into art

In today’s “R.I. Made” one local artist’s love of skateboarding turned into an art form with the help of Frog and Toad.

Some people may look at old skateboards and think they’re junk, but Steve Duque sees art just waiting to happen, “I have always been into art, even photography. Skating has always been a part of that too. So I just wanted to jump in and see what I could make myself. I have always been attracted to art. Art is a huge part of my life and I just wanted to see where I could take it and how I could develop it and it went from there. I just trusted myself.”

Asher Schofield, who is the Owner of Frog and Toad believed in Steve’s work, “I’m not sure if Steve is a skater first or an artist first, but his artwork stems from his love of skating, skateboarding. He discovered at some point in his life that when a skateboard deck is broken and smashed it can be re-purposed and made into new products and art pieces.”

Steve says his artwork has been life changing, “Absolutely. I never thought that I would be able to bring it to where it has gone now and even how fast it is growing. It is never ending, it is always changing and I meet new people, just always thinking of different things.”

He is also happy to reuse his old boards, “With old skateboards, I am up-cycling them into pens, key chains, jewelry such as earrings necklaces, coasters, back scratchers.”

Steve couldn’t do what he does without the incredible help of Frog and Toad in Providence, “Being part of Frog and Toad is a tremendous blessing. I never thought that I would be connected to a location that is so in tune with the community. They have awesome stuff from all over Rhode Island, just a great supporter for the arts especially in Rhode Island and around New England.”


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