Road rage incident erupts outside police station

CRANSTON, R.I. (WPRI) — Seven people, including two juvenile, are facing charges after a road rage incident that happened right outside the Cranston Police Department.

The dispute, which police said started over the sale of a car and an assault earlier in the afternoon, was captured on surveillance camera just before 5 p.m. last Thursday.

Police said the driver of a Nissan Maxima was pursuing the driver in an Acura, when the Maxima blocked the Acura into the parking lot.

At that point, the video shows several people getting out of the vehicle, charging the Acura and striking and kicking it. The Acura driver then turned around put the car into reverse and backed up at a high rate of speed.

Police said the driver of the Acura nearly hit the people and two other cars in the lot.

Terry Luongo, Terry Lee Jones, Dontez Lamore Towns, Jean Hernandez and Jose Escalante were all charged with disorderly conduct. Escalante, who police say was the driver of the Acura, was also charged with reckless driving.

Two juveniles were also charged with disorderly conduct and released to their parents.


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