Cardi’s Furniture supports local arts

Lenny Schwartz – writer and director of the play “Co-Creator” joins us along with Jim Belanger to talk about the latest play coming up at one of Rhode Islands newest theaters – The Arctic Playhouse, along with NiRoPe from Cardi’s Furniture! It’s great to have you all here! Last week you launched the outdoor furniture season here on the show – how has the response been so far!

“We have people showing up to our stores with sunscreen, horseshoes & ladder golf games, our showrooms have become quite the oasis. This years selection is larger than ever! Outdoor dining sets, outdoor living sets of course with sunbrella fabrics, colorful adirondack chairs, life-guard style chairs, fire pits, and of course – a wide selection of umbrellas to keep you in the shade for those days when the sun is too much! Customers have been coming in with their outdoor plans, placing orders for custom outdoor furniture – after the winter we’ve had — people are very excited about outdoor spring and summer living,” said Ron Cardi.

Lenny Schwartz and the talented team at Arctic Playhouse is part of a rich arts community.

“When it comes to spring and summer in Rhode Island, there is literally something to do in every corner of our state. The Arctic Playhouse is another addition to our constantly growing arts scene here. It’s located in West Warwick – a few doors down from our friends at Gara’s. It’s a fantastic, intimate venue and the actors, actresses, staff & supporters are truly the heartbeat behind this venue. Head to their website – follow them on social media – put this on your list of places to visit soon! And speaking of arts – don’t forget our American Idol – Cardi’s Furniture Instagram contest going on right now. Essentially people can win free furniture if they’re selected – and don’t forget to use #cardisspot,” said Pete Cardi.

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