Strong winds, tree nearly falls on top of home

PAWTUCKET, R.I. (WPRI) — Around the state there have several reports of strong winds causing problems in local neighborhoods.

A crisis was averted Tuesday afternoon, when a tree came toppling down narrowly onto the roadway and a Pawtucket home on Love Lane.

“The tree in the back was actually rubbing up against the house a little bit,” said homeowner Brian Castiglione. “So I knew this one was prime to go so just happened to look out the front and it had gone down.”

Pawtucket fire officials and National Grid quickly responded because the tree was tangled in power lines.

The tree snapped in half hugging the roadway luckily missing cars.

“Fortunately it didn’t land on my neighbor’s house, or on the house or on anybody’s vehicle or anybody,” he said.

There was not much damage, besides the twisted wires and fallen debris.

He plans to use all the wood for backyard campfires.

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