TMZ: Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are not speaking

TMZ’s Dax Holt was here Wednesday to talk about the latest in entertainment news.

Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes
No Love Lost
NOT on Speaking Terms

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes want nothing to do with each other … to the point they don’t speak to one another, even about Suri.
Sources close to both Tom and Katie tell us they do not communicate at all. There are no direct co-parenting discussions. Everything regarding Suri — visitation, child-rearing, etc. — is handled through intermediaries.
Our sources say there are bad feelings on both sides, and no desire on either Tom or Katie’s part to mend fences.
As for Suri … sources close to Tom say he’s still involved in his daughter’s life, although he hasn’t seen her in months because he’s been in London shooting “Mission Impossible 5.” Production wrapped last Thursday and our Tom sources say he’s coming back to L.A. and will see Suri when he returns.

Jessica Alba
She’s Crushing My Dream, Honestly
… Candlemaker Claims

Jessica Alba has cornered the market on the word “honest” … according to a small business owner who happened to pick a company name dangerously similar to Alba’s nearly billion dollar venture.
Kiki Rupert tells TMZ … Alba’s “The Honest Co.” is making things very difficult for her candle biz “Honest Earth Candles.” Rupert’s been warned by the U.S Patent and Trademark Office she could be in big trouble because she could be creating confusion in the marketplace. Alba’s biz also sells candles.
Rupert claims an Honest Co. lawyer notified her it obtained a trademark back in 2012. The bad news for Rupert is she didn’t file her TM application until last November.

I Hate My Movie But There’s Zero Beef
… With J. Prince and Jas

There’s a full scale mutiny behind Drake’s feature film now — just 2 days before it hits theaters — because executive producers J. Prince and Jas are also discouraging fans from seeing it.
24 hours after Drizzy disavowed “Drake’s Homecoming: The Lost Footage” … the Rap-A-Lot Records honchos doubled down … as Drake tweeted, “James Prince and I stand together on not supporting the Drake Homecoming footage in theaters. #protectingthefans”
Minutes later Jas showed his support for that statement by retweeting it.
Sources connected to the film tell us Drake wanted to make it clear he has no issues with the Prince family … as many people thought after he torpedoed the movie Monday.

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