Proposed resolution would require candidates to be elected by majority vote

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — A new resolution, introduced by Representative Blake Filippi, of District 36, would require candidates running for statewide office to be elected by majority vote.

The legislation would amend the Constitution and would require officials to be elected through instant runoff elections rather than through the current plurality vote.

Filippi released a statement on Tuesday, saying in part:

“A ‘plurality’ is winning with the most votes, even if a candidate does not break the 50 percent threshold. We’ve seen numerous races over the years where candidates have been elected with significantly less than 50 percent of the votes cast — including the last two governors’ races where former Governor Chafee obtained 36.1 percent and Governor Raimondo obtained 40.8 percent.

The People deserve an opportunity to strengthen our democratic voting rights and system of governance though this proposed Constitutional Amendment.

Rep. Filippi’s legistlation will be heard on Wednesday.

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