Fall River task force to evaluate trash options

FALL RIVER, Mass. (WPRI) — Fall River Mayor Sam Sutter is appointing a seven-person task force to evaluate the city’s best choices for dealing with trash collection and sanitation.

The focus on trash comes after last year’s decision to institute the controversial “pay as you throw” systemwhich played a role in the recall campaign for former mayor Will Flanagan.

The Solid Waste Task Force, announced Monday morning at Government Center, will be led by city councilman Mike Miozza and former Congressional candidate Dan Patello.

Mayor Sutter said the group won’t necessarily eliminate “pay as you throw,” but will be tasked with finding the best system for the city moving forward. They have a lot to look at, the mayor said — every kind of trash program or arrangement they can find, including a privatized system. “I’m asking them to look at this as throughly, analytically, intensively as they can — so that they’re making recommendations to me that I am in all likelihood going to follow.”

The group is expected to have a recommendation in five to six months.

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