Police search for counterfeit money suspects

EAST GREENWICH, R.I. (WPRI) – Police are trying to identify a pair of suspects who passed counterfeit $100 bills at Dave’s Market in East Greenwich.

Investigators say two men walked into the grocery store about twenty seconds apart from each other on March 26, 2015.

They each then went to a different checkout line and bought inexpensive items and paid with one hundred dollar bills, receiving change from the purchase.

The clerks made efforts to check bills but did not realize they were counterfeit until later.

Surveillance video shows that the pair left in the same vehicle that appears to be a late model SUV, light in color with luggage racks.

The first suspect appears to be a light skinned black male, with a thin build and average height. He was wearing a New York Yankees hat pulled down low as to block a good camera angle of his face. This suspect was seen getting out of and back into the drivers seat of the getaway vehicle.

The second suspect appears to be a dark sinned black male with a short hair cut, wearing dark colored jacket and pants. He was wearing a large gold earring in his right ear and was seen getting out of and back into the right rear seat of the getaway vehicle which leads us to think that there was another suspect waiting in the vehicle in the parking lot.

If you have any information about the identity of this person or where they are, please contact East Greenwich Police Department at 401-886-8685.

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