Electric cars making their way to used market

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — If you have ever considered buying an electric car, now may be the time to find some great deals.

Four years ago, electric cars were cutting edge — but now they are moving into middle age and are making their way to the used car market.

“There are going to be great deals for 3-year-old, barely used electric vehicles,” Brad Berman of plugincars.com said.

Berman says the first electric vehicles were leased to give customers a chance to try out the environmentally-friendly cars. Now, those leases are expiring.

According to Berman, an estimated 25,000 formerly leased Chevy Volts and Nissan Leafs will hit the used car market in 2015.

“I hope they trickle in,” Kaylee Morrison of Hayward Nissan said.

Morrison, a Nissan saleswoman, explained that an overflow of low-priced cars could be good for buyers but can pose a dilemma for dealers.

“Are we going to be able to sell this enormous amount of used Leafs when there are so many incentives to buy the new ones,” she questioned.

Many states offer huge incentives to buy a new electric vehicle — and there are some drawbacks to buying an aged electric car.

For example, the battery in a used electric car may have decreased in range.

“There will be slight decreases over time on certain electric cars depending on the technical design and also how they’re driven,” Berman said.

But one advantage to buying the used version — the price tag.

It is estimated that some used electric cars could sell for up to a third of the original sales price.

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