Roasted Lamb over Mint Gnocchi

We’re making Roaster Lamb over Mint Gnocchi with Chef and Co-owener George Doumaney from Portsmouth Publick House.


For Leg of Lamb

Boneless leg of lamb trimmed and tied

5 Cloves of garli

Salt & Pepper

Fresh mint leaves

For Mint Butter Compound

1 Bunch of fresh mint leaves off the stems

1/2 Pound butter at room temp

3 Cloves garlic


For Sauce

Cooked fresh or dry gnocchi pasta (cook aldente per instructions on package)

Demi-Glace or light brown gravy

lamb and minted gnocchi ingredients


Pre heat oven to 325.  While oven is heating take a sharp paring knife and make 5 random pockets in the leg of lamb about 1 inch deep.  Place 1 garlic clove and a mint leaf in each of the pockets.  Salt and pepper the whole leg of lamb and bake for 16 minutes per pound or until the temp is between 120 and 130 degrees.  Pull from oven and let rest 15 minutes before slicing.

While lamb is baking in the oven take mint leaves and garlic and pulse in food processor, for the start of the compound butter mixture.  When mint and garlic are minced add a few pinches of salt and then the softened butter.  Pulse butter until mint and garlic are incorporated.

Place a medium sized sauté pan over high heat and let warm.  Place a couple of table spoons of the butter mixture in the pan and let melt BUT DO NOT LET IT BROWN.  Add the cooked pasta and let the butter coat the pasta, add more butter if the pasta seems dry or sticks.  Add Demi-glace to pan and let heat.

Plate the Pasta and gravy with slices of lamb across the top.

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