Free Cone Day at Ben & Jerry’s

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(WTNH) – Ben & Jerry’s is giving out free ice cream today for Free Cone Day.

On Tuesday, April 14th, you can receive a free ice cream cone of any variety at Ben & Jerry’s scoop shops around the world between noon and 8 p.m.

The ice cream company says that the annual Free Cone Day is their “way to celebrate and say thanks for another year of support.”

Ben & Jerry’s has been inviting fans to enjoy Free Cone Day since their first anniversary in 1979 and have continued “every year since, spreading the peace, love & ice cream around the globe!”

The scoop shop is known for their delicious flavors and fun names for their ice creams. Popular flavors include the Cherry Garcia, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Chocolate Fudge Brownie.

You can share a photo of your free ice cream with your friends on Instagram or Twitter with the hash-tag  #FreeConeDay.

To find a Ben & Jerry’s near you, click here.

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