Rehoboth woman to run Boston Marathon in honor of victims

REHOBOTH, Mass. (WPRI) — With the Boston Marathon less than a week away, runners are taking the time to prepare themselves both physically and mentally.

Cathy Edington is a breast cancer survivor. She has been cancer free for five years, but that wasn’t what pushed her to run the marathon — the victims did.

Edington, a 58-year-old married mother of two, says she is ready to earn her third Boston Marathon medal.

Back in 2007, she ran her first race in honor of her younger sister, Kim Jackson. “I wore it for about a week,” she said of her medal.

Jackson, who Edington describes as having “big red lips and a big laugh,” died at age 38 from leukemia.

After running for Jackson, Edington found a new inspiration in the 2013 attacks.

“I thought I was done in 2007 — and then those bombs went off,” Edington said. “I got angry. At that point, I was about to become a grandmother and I did not want to have a grandson raised in fear, and if we didn’t do it, the bad guys were going to win. And Boston and Massachusetts and the United States didn’t deserve that.”

Now, Edington runs the race in honor of the three people killed and the hundreds of others who were injured.

“The whole thing makes me sad. You can’t be happy, but the victims, all of us need some closure,” she said.

Edington will run the race on Monday on a team of about 100 — the same team Consumer Reporter Susan Hogan is on.

The two are raising money for the Leukemia Society.

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