Two preteen girls charged with felony assault, kidnapping

BARRINGTON, R.I. (WPRI) — A pair of 12-year-old girls have been accused of an unspeakable crime after a teenage girl was invited to her friend’s house last Wednesday.

Barrington police said the two preteen girls purportedly taunted and held a 15-year-old girl against her will, while they broke a wooden brush on her back.

They have been charged with simple assault and battery, felony assault, kidnapping of a minor and conspiracy.

The preteen girls both attend Barrington Middle School and the teen is a student at Barrington High School.

Parents are up in arms, disgusted by the allegations against the two young girls.

“It just makes me sick as a parent to even fathom how a child could do that to another child,” said Lori Brindamour, whose son goes to Barrington High School.

Parent Guide: Bullying Prevention »
Parent Guide: Bullying Prevention »

Police said they are not sure what led to the alleged attack, but understand that no adults were present when the incident occurred.

Within an hour of the teen’s arrival for a sleepover, she was reportedly verbally and physically attacked, choked and forced to take off her clothes.

She struggled as the two girls held her down against her will, repeatedly slapping her in the face while calling her names.

Eventually she managed to escape, running all the way home after having makeup smeared all over her face.

Police said that the mother of one of the girl’s was not cooperative with police, as well as the alleged suspect.

The two preteen girls were transported to a juvenile training facility until their arraignment in Rhode Island Family Court Monday.

They have both been released on home confinement to their parents.

Superintendent Michael Messore told Eyewitness News that counselors are now available for students and staff will continue to teach curriculum focused on anti-bullying.

“We do have safe schools. It’s unfortunate that this incident would involve the district,” Messore said.

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