Connecticut man pepper sprays driver, two infants in road rage incident

CROMWELL, Conn. (WTNH) — Anyone who’s traveled on a busy Connecticut street has likely seen “road rage,” drivers angry at other people on the roads, but Police Chief Anthony Salvatore says what happened in Cromwell Wednesday morning was unique because it involved two infants.

A man was in his vehicle at the intersection of Evergreen and Shunpike Roads when he allegedly got out and walked over to the driver’s side door of another motorist. That motorist then rolled down his window and was allegedly pepper sprayed by the man outside. Investigators say two infants in the back of the victim’s car were also exposed to the irritant.

Chief Salvatore says the suspect has been identified, but not yet arrested because police are waiting for a warrant. The alleged perpetrator is looking at possible charges of disorderly conduct, risk of injury to a child, and assault.

If you find yourself in a similar road rage situation, police say:

  • Roll your window back up if rolled down
  • Don’t try and engage the person with road rage in an argument
  • Find somewhere safe to pull over
  • Call 911

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