Officials investigating blaze that destroyed North Attleboro home

NORTH ATTLEBORO, Mass. (WPRI) — Officials are investigating what caused a house to catch fire in North Attleboro.

Morning aftermath of the North Attleboro fire. (Brian Yocono/WPRI)
Morning reveals aftermath of North Attleboro fire. (Brian Yocono/WPRI)

Firefighters battled a massive blaze early Wednesday morning that destroyed a home on Pearl Street.

The house has been considered a total loss.

The deputy chief says only two walls are left standing, while the rest of the home has collapsed into the basement.

“It was tricky at first,” said Deputy Chief Mike Brousseau. “We didn’t know if there was any occupants, but there was no way we could have made entry into that house. There was that much fire when we first got here.”

The house, as Brousseau said, was unoccupied, despite a van in the driveway and a children’s swing set in the yard.

“Any time a house is vacant and there’s no obvious cause, we consider it suspicious,” said Chief Theodore Joubert.

Chief Joubert said the responding fire station is very close to the scene — but when they arrived the fire already had a “good head start on them.”

According to Joubert, the property was list on an auction website and was being bid on over the weekend. It is unclear if the home is in foreclosure, though the Chief said he heard it was.

The State Fire Marshal’s office are investigating.

Annie Shalvey contributed to this report.

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