TMZ: Hilary Duff makes a Tinder account

TMZ’s Dax Holt was here on The Rhode Show Wednesday to talk about the latest in entertainment news.

Mariah Carey
I’m Rehearsing, I’m Ready, I’m Fabulous

Mariah Carey is taking her Vegas residency as seriously as anything in her career … so say the people getting her ready for next week’s kickoff.
Our Mariah sources say she will not have a repeat of Japan … her voice is “on fire.” We got this pic of her rehearsing over the weekend with her voice coach, producer and other show-related people.
There’s lots of voice protection stuff in the picture … throat coat, tea, etc.

As for preparation, one of her people says, “She’s been singing these 18 #1 hits for a very long time.”
Her show starts next Wednesday.

Hilary Duff
My Tinder Profile is Legit!
I’ve Got 9 Guys Lined Up

Hilary Duff is a right-swiping fool … and is not only confirming that rumored Tinder profile really IS her — but says she’s going on her first Tinder date tonight … with a regular ole non-celeb dude!
Hilary dropped her dating bombshell Tuesday morning with “Valentine in the Morning” on 104.3 FM in L.A. — and opened up about what she’s looking for on Tinder. Hint: shirtless muscle heads need not apply.
Sounds like Duff is kinda hooked on the app … saying it’s the first time in her life she’s getting a chance to hook up with a “total normie.” It also sounds like she’s totally over her estranged hubby, Mike Comrie.
Pretty amazing to hear a celeb cop to her (formerly) secret life on Tinder. We sense a surge in subscriptions coming.

Russell Wilson
Brings Ciara to White House Dinner
… You’re Welcome, Barack

Russell Wilson is having one hell of an off-season … he just walked in to the White House State dinner with Ciara on his arm …. and she’s looking DAMN FINE!!!!!
Rumors had been swirling about the Seattle Seahawks QB secretly dating the R&B singer … but now, it appears to be official — with Wilson bringing her as his date for dinner with President Obama and the Prime Minister of Japan.
Before Ciara came into the picture, Wilson — who divorced his wife last year — was spotted out with Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition model Samantha Hoopes … but clearly, she’s out — Ciara’s in.

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