Rape suspect defends herself on TV news Facebook page

CHEEKTOWAGA, NY (WIVB)A local woman accused of rape attempted to defend herself, but the so-called defense may not have helped the legal case against her.

New York State Police charged 22-year-old Alexandria Hoyt of Cheektowaga with third degree rape Wednesday. She’s accused of having sex with a 15-year-old boy in the Town of Lockport.

Within hours of News 4 publishing the story and sharing it on News 4’s Facebook page, Lexi Hoyt posted in the comments section.Alexandria Hoyt Comment

“For one my story is twisted, when I first met him he said he was older. He lied,” she wrote. “Two we did it once and it was five minutes.”

She goes on to claim the event happened on his sixteenth birthday.

Soon after posting it, she removed her post. Police warn, though, once something is posted on social media, it can be retrieved. Digital forensics expert Mike McCartney, President and CEO of Digits LLC, says instances where people post details to Facebook leads to trouble down the line.

“Essentially it’s like a bullet out of a barrel,” McCartney said. “If you’re going to post something to the open Internet, regardless of the forum you’re in, the likelihood of it existing beyond the time you wanted it to be there is great. People say really stupid things in email, and they say really, really stupid things on social media. It exists in multiple locations.”

Troopers say they’re now aware of what Alexandria Hoyt posted to Facebook, but did not comment on how it may affect the case. Hoyt remains free on her own recognizance until her next appearance in Town of Lockport Court June 4.

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