Security level heightened at all US military bases

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — Security is being heightened at all military bases in the United States because of the threatening environment being created by ISIS.

A Pentagon spokesperson told CBS News Friday there is no specific threat but rather a general heightened threat environment, referring to the recent attack in Garland, Texas.

The level is being raised from Alpha, which is the lowest level, to Bravo. It’s the first time the level has been this high on military bases since Sept. 11, 2011 – the tenth anniversary of the terrorist attacks in New York City.

At Naval Station Newport, every identification card will be checked at all gates, including the Naval Health Clinic. That includes a Department of Defense card and a driver’s license, and a vehicle registration and proof of insurance should also be ready if the vehicle is selected for an inspection.

The Electric Boat facility at Quonset Point is increasing uniform security patrols and surveillance, as well as the number of random checks on personnel and vehicles entering the facility.

All employees have been informed of the raised security level and are asked to report any suspicious activity.

The Pentagon warns personnel that the added security will likely cause some delays.

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