Pedestrian ID’d in fatal Dartmouth accident

DARTMOUTH, Mass. (WPRI) — A man struck and killed by a car in Dartmouth Wednesday has been identified, the Bristol County District Attorney’s office said Thursday.

The DA’s office said 74-year-old Richard F. Bailey, of New Bedford, was found deceased on the property of 58 Hathaway Road by rescue officials. According to a statement, the driver of a gray Jeep Cherokee stopped after hitting Bailey and was interviewed by police.

As police continue to investigate the accident, residents are alarmed by speedy drivers that zoom down Hathaway Road.

“People just go like a bat out of hell,” said Ken Strohman.

Bailey was struck and killed just before 2:30 p.m. Wednesday.

In the area of the scene, there are no sidewalks and the speed limit sign posted reads 40 miles per hour.

Officials have yet to determine what caused the crash. But residents who live on the road have seen their fair share of accidents.

“I’ve seen four or five when I’m in the house sitting at home. But maybe when I’m not home, it could be a lot more,” Bassam Hiazi explained.

Hiazi said about one year ago, a car crashed into a wall outside his home that sent rocks flying toward his residence.

Strohman, a resident in the neighborhood, has two words for drivers that go over the speed limit, “slow down.”

At this time, no criminal charges have been filed in connection to Bailey’s death.

Annie Shalvey contributed to this report.

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