Father accidentally leaves 1 year old at T Station

Man accidentally leaves child at MBTA station

QUINCY, Mass. (WPRI) — A Massachusetts father experienced one of the worst days of his life this. The man was on his way to work when he realized he accidentally left his one-year-old daughter in his car at the North Quincy MBTA station. He called 911 the minute he realized what happened and alerted them to what he had done.

“I left my one-year-old baby in my SUV by accident this morning,” the father said to a 911 dispatcher. “I am on my way back to the station now.”

Police and EMT’s rushed to the T station, got to the SUV and found the baby safe and sound. The father took the very next train back to the station.

“The poor man. He was so frazzled, I think he was worse off than the baby. The baby was absolutely perfect. The dad looked like he ran all the way from the t-station,” said LuWanna Hershey, an EMT who responded to the scene.

The father told police the baby had fallen asleep and he carried with his daily routine. He was supposed to drop the child off at daycare but forgot she was with him.

Police have decided not to press charges.

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