Local doctor returns to Africa to fight Ebola

Rhode Island doctor, Adam Levine, returned to the country to continue Ebola research

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI)- Rhode Island based Doctor Adam Levin has returned to West Africa to continue his work in the fight against Ebola.

Doctor Levine is the lead investigator of a research team with the International Medical Corps. He also works as an assistant professor at Brown University and published a study on Ebola last month.

Levine and his team developed a tool, called a prediction store, that makes diagnosing patients with Ebola safer and faster. The prediction score ranges from 1 to 4. The higher the score, the greater likelihood that a patient has Ebola.

Doctor Levine says he is the only Rhode Island doctor currently on the ground researching in West Africa. Levine says he hopes to test his prediction score in Sierra Leone and Guinea. His goal is to one day incorporate the score into a worldwide standard guideline.

Over the past 8 months, Doctor Levine and his team have treated more than 1,500 patients. Levine says his goal is to improve the medical field’s response to the next Ebola epidemic.

“It’s incredible to be back in West Africa after initially being part of the response and I’m really hoping to learn how to better respond the next time that an Ebola epidemic returns,” said Dr. Levine.

Levine plans to return back to Liberia this weekend.

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