In the Kitchen: Ceviche de Tuna

Go Providence has brought Chef Cesin Curi of Los Andes to The Rhode Show with a recipe for Ceviche de Tuna.

2 lbs of fresh sushi grade tuna
4 oz Ponzu
1 Avocado
5 Fresh Limes
1 bunch cilantro
1/2 lb of calamari
1 package rice noodles
vegetable oil
3 oz diced scallions
3 oz of Rocoto puree or your choice of pepper
salt to taste

ceviche de tuna ingredients

Dice fresh tuna in small cubes, add salt to taste, garlic, rocotto pepper or pepper of your choice to your tolerance, Ponzu, lime juice, blanch rice noodles and flash fry, dust calamari with flour and fry with vegetable oil.


Place fry rice noodle sin the base of the dish, place tuna, avocado wedges, scallions over fry rice noodles and finish with fried calamari.

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