Backyard Barbecue: Build your own burger

We’re outside in the Backyard Barbecue, making two different kids of burgers with Luxe Burger, in honor of their annual Build Your Own Burger contest.


6oz waygu burger
fried pickels
fried jalapenos
shredded iceberg lettuce
sesame bun
pepperjack cheese
horseradish mayo

The Portugee
6oz gold label burger
roasted red peppers
carmalzied onions
goat cheese
fried egg
seasoned potatoes

luxe burger ingredients


Grill burger to desired temp.

Grill bun.

On bottom bun place shreeded lettuce.

On top of burger place pepperjack cheese, bacon, fried jalapenos and pickles, top with horseradish mayo.

The Portugee

Grill burger to desired temp.

Fry potato wedges and place on bottom bun.

Place burger on top of potatoes, top with fried egg, peppers, onions and goat cheese and chourico.

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