Student being honored for perfect attendance

Frank Caprio, Jr., at La Salle Academy in Providence. He graduated from the high school with a perfect attendance record. (WPRI-TV)

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — Graduation: a rite of passage. While thousands of high school and college students are being recognized for their achievements this graduation season, a select few have the distinction of never missing a day of high school.

Frank Caprio, Jr., is among five students at La Salle Academy who will be graduating Wednesday night without ever being absent from class for the course of their time in high school: Caprio, Tyler Glick, Michael Gambardella, Paul Phou, and Olivia Ferri.


“It got tough at the end, but I’m glad that we get to say that we are the only five that had this achievement,” said Caprio.

But Caprio’s accomplishment is a degree or two bigger: He hasn’t missed a day of school in his entire life, dating back to preschool.

For which he thanks his parents: “They were kind of the reason it happened,” he said. “There were a lot of days that I just wanted to stay in bed and they got me out and got me going.”

Caprio is a basketball player, and was also just named academic all-state for baseball.

But he gave up a chance to have lunch with his role model just to keep his perfect attendance record.

“Yeah, there were a few times where I could have taken a day out… Probably the time I wanted to skip the most, I had the opportunity to meet Derek Jeter, who’s my role model and i passed it up.”

Instead, he took the two tests he was scheduled for that day.

His friends couldn’t believe it: “They think I’m crazy and everyone says they would have just gone to see Derek Jeter instead.”

Frank and the rest of the senior class at La Salle will be walking across the stage Wednesday night to accept their diplomas at the Providence Performing Arts Center.

Caprio will attend Brown University this fall.

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