Chafee hits campaign trail in New Hampshire

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PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — Former R.I. governor and presidential candidate Lincoln Chafee hit the campaign trail Thursday — one day after announcing his candidacy for president.

After announcing that he is running for president in 2016, Chafee headed to New Hampshire to pitch himself to Democrats.

His announcement — which took place at George Mason University in Virgina — took more than 10 minutes, and focused mostly on his stance against the invasion of Iraq in 2003.

Eyewitness News sat down with Chafee after his national announcement.

When asked if he was afraid of seeming like he was focusing too much on the past and not enough on the future, Chafee said “it’s all relevant today and tomorrow, especially to how you approach the world, especially that bad decision. How you approach the world, listen to other countries, understand their communities, make it safer — that’s my view.”

He echoed his stance against the death penalty — even when it comes to the convicted Boston Marathon bomber.

“No capital punishment. I argue we should do that — not just for one, but for everybody,” he said.

The biggest headline that came out of Chafee’s speech — and one that national outlets jumped on — that America should join the world and use the metric system.

When asked if he expected the reaction he received from that comment, he said ” Yes I did expect it. It’s so different. But it’s just one piece to how we should conduct ourselves internationally,” he said. “It’s symbolic to how we integrate ourselves back into the other community after our mistakes in Iraq.”

After Chafee leaves New Hampshire, he plans to head to Iowa.

Eyewitness News political analyst Joe Flemming said that if Chafee wants to have a chance in the race, he’ll need to start raising funds and putting together a real campaign.

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