Warwick residents discuss neighbor’s house in question

State Police and FBI agents searched this home on Aspinet Drive in Warwick in connection with an ongoing investigation by the Joint Anti-Terrorism Task Force.

WARWICK, R.I. (WPRI) — The Warwick neighborhood that was blocked off for more than 24 hours in connection with a terror investigation, is back open to traffic. But, police remain on the scene.

Investigators left the area of Aspinet Drive during the day Wednesday, but later that night, five patrol cars were still parked outside of the house in question. Officials said they can’t say why they’re still there.

Kathie Garvey lives across the street and said she witnessed police taking boxes and other things out of the home Wednesday morning.

“We’re not like best friends, but we know them well enough,” Garvey said.

The Joint Terrorism Task Force is looking at a possible connection between a Warwick man and Usaama Rahim, the Boston man who was shot and killed after police said he lunged at them with a knife.

In court documents, the FBI said Rahim told David Wright, who was arrested Tuesday, about his plan to kill someone outside of Massachusetts. CNN is reporting, according to their sources, Rahim was planning to behead activist and conservative blogger Pamela Geller.

The FBI said Rahim later called Wright saying he wanted to go after “the boys in blue,” instead.

Neighbors of the Warwick house in question told Eyewitness News they showed federal agents a wooded area just a few hundred yards from the home.

“Like a handmade…I don’t even know. Like a fort, I guess?” Jacqueline Ferrara said.

According to the FBI, no one has been arrested and no one is in custody. Officials also have maintained there is no threat to the public.


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