Investigators release video of Boston shooting

BOSTON (AP/WPRI) — Authorities have released surveillance video showing the fatal shooting of a Boston man suspected of plotting to kill police officers.

The video shown Monday at a news conference comes from a restaurant across the street, and the figures shown are blurry. Police and the FBI say it shows officers shooting 26-year-old Usaama Rahim on June 2 in the city’s Roslindale neighborhood after they attempted to question him about “terrorist-related information.”

Boston’s Joint Terrorism Task Force says it had Rahim under 24-hour surveillance and feared an attack could be imminent.

The video shows five FBI agents and a Boston police officer approach Rahim as he walked toward a bus stop. As the investigators speak to Rahim, they could be seen backing up. While it was unclear why in the grainy video, investigators say Rahim pulled a military-style knife. They said they fatally shot him after he refused to drop the weapon.

“It came about real quick. I think he was intent – as the affidavit said – on getting a boy in blue and I don’t think at this point he was going to go down very easy. There was multiple, multiple requests to put down that weapon,” said Boston Police Commissioner William Evans. “He was intent on taking out somebody and it was either us or him and thank God none of us were hurt.”

“I can’t say enough of the great work that the FBI agents and Boston police did that day preventing that tragedy and keeping Boston safe,” Evans added.

Investigators said releasing the video of the encounter during an ongoing investigation was done in an effort to be transparent.

Rahim’s family believes the video is only part of the story — and does not show that Rahim was acting aggressively.

“Clearly the officers are retreating backing away from Mr. Rahim. They approach him in a way they want to talk to him. It’s in a calm matter,” said Pastor Mark Scott — who encouraged the release of the video.

Rahim’s nephew, David Wright, was arrested last week on a charge of conspiracy with intent to obstruct a federal investigation.

terror investigation timeline
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The investigation into the alleged terror plot stretched into Rhode Island.

Hours after Rahim’s death, investigators converged on a home on Aspinet Drive in Warwick. The residence was searched and has been under 24-hour surveillance since then. Two state police cruisers were stationed outside the home Monday morning.

According to court documents, Rahim, Wright and a third man met on a Warwick beach late last month to discuss an attack on a person out of state. That beach, Target 12 Investigators learned, was a short distance away from Aspinet Drive.

The FBI said the operations in Warwick are court authorized activities, but said no one has been arrested in Rhode Island.

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