Patriots cut Spikes after car found abandoned

FOXBORO, Mass. (WPRI) — Less than a month after signing with the New England Patriots for a second time, linebacker Brandon Spikes has been cut from the team.

The Patriots announced the roster move on Twitter a day after Massachusetts State Police say they found a car registered to Spikes abandoned on the highway with front-end damage. The Mercedes’ roadside assistance service told authorities the driver had reported hitting a deer.

Shortly after Spikes’ Mercedes Maybach was discovered, authorities were called to a nearby hit-and-run accident. The driver of a Nissan Murano reported being rear-ended by an unidentified car. Three people in the vehicle, including a 12-year-old boy, were taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

Massachusetts State Police spokesman Dave Procopio said investigators are trying to determine whether Spikes’ vehicle was the car that struck the Nissan, as well as determine who was driving the Mercedes and if criminal charges are warranted against anyone.

In the wake of the Pats’ decision to cut the linebacker, fans are reacting.

“I’m really surprised to be honest. He was a great player and a great asset to the team,” said Emmalyn Anderson. “I’m sure it was clearly a mistake and that it was nothing. I know the full story isn’t really out there yet, but I’m sure that it was nothing that was intentional by any means.”

“I liked him. I watched him, part of the team definitely,” added Anthony Peloni. “You’re innocent until proven guilty.”

Procopio said members of the State Police Collision Analysis Section and Crime Scene Services Section inspected both vehicles Monday. Troopers also examined a relevant stretch of roadway on Route 495 Northbound, including marks on the roadway left by the Maybach. He said troopers will further analyze the evidence collected and recorded and will continue other investigative measures.

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